About De Stokerij

Why "De Stokerij"?

De Stokerij (‘The Distillery’) is located in a pre-industrial building (at least the part next to Grauwpoort street) and is said to have been built in the 16th century as a brewery (called ‘Het Sleutelken’ or ‘The Little Key’ and later ‘De Drie Sleutels’ or ‘The Three Keys’).
Later, the back part, with the big chimney, was built and from 1924 onwards the building was owned by the family De Schepper, who turned it into a genever distillery called Bruggeman (with famous brands such as Peterman and Hertekamp).

Soon production was moved to the buildings next to the old distillery and on Tichelrei street big loading docks were built where today you will find service flats. The old distillery still served as storage space until the company moved to its present location at Wiedauwkaai (1987). 

The property then still served as storage space for a while, but the owners could not agree on its final purpose (turning it into a parking lot was a popular suggestion...). After over 25 years of being vacant, it finally got a new destination: Staminee De Stokerij.


For the opening of De Stokerij, we have brewed our own beer: Staminee blonde and Staminee brown (also available at our other restaurant, Eetkaffee Multatuli). 
Different brewers have made a special beer for us. At the moment, Staminee blonde from the tap is brewed at brewery Van de Bossche from St-Lievens-Esse (Belgian triple style).
Staminee brown is an organic beer in bottle and is made by Hop Farm Brewery De Plukker from Poperinge.